Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on Info Barrel. 1st week of the year

I am currently working on making an impact on Info Barrel. I am currently researching all of the possible ways to make money consistently while learning how to write proper articles also. The website as I have said before is relatively new and the majority of the posters all ready on are doing good. The average so far for writer that are consistently producing quality articles are around  400 - 700 a month. While there are a few people who have made a name for them selves they are the exception.  Earning can be made if you can produce quality article ranging around 1000 words. Subject may or may not produce more in earnings.

I have produced three articles so far to date. While the articles have not made any money I am also trying to figure what type of submission proses they are imposing. It does not take to long from the moment your press publish to the time they approve the articles. I am trying also to figure out why my articles have page views before and don't seem to get any after.

Continuing to write quality articles while pushing out the amount of articles will be hard. Time is the biggest hassle not the subjects to write about.

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