Thursday, March 17, 2011

HubPages and Articles Writing Update

I have been working hard recently trying to figure out how I can kick start my article writing online. I have been implementing some new techniques that have shown that my daily views has risen since trying the new techniques.I have been using most of my time to crate enough of quality and well written work, so that I can have a fighting chance to earn a passive income.

On February 4th, 2011 I created my first Hub on HubPages. I was doing a lot of writing and SEO work over on Info Barrel, then InfoBarrell changed there site up a little. Since then I have published 15 Hubs between the first month of being with Hub Pages. Here our nmy online stats ffor the forst month
  • 274 visits
  • 666 page views
  • 2.43 pages per visit
  • 59.85 bounce rate
  • 7:54 seconds average time on site
  • 21.90 new visits
  • Direct Traffic:138 views
  • search engine views 106
  • Referring-sites-view: 30
With these stats I have found out that I am about average when it comes to proficiency. I was creating Hubs about every day items and dissions people have to make. I learned how to use the Keyword machine that Google allows people to use.

After my birthday I have been becoming more of a member with HubPages, by communicating, commenting, and answering questions. I also am running a social network campaign to see if social media helps out with views and if it does what does it do.These are my stats for the last 12 days since implamenting the new campaign.

  • 477 visits
  • 767 page views
  • 1.61 pages/visit
  • 79.04 bounce rate
  • 4.45 AVG. time on site
  • 54.93 New Visits
  • Referring Sites:202
  • Search Engine :181.
  • Direct Traffic 89
  • Other Traffic 8
I have seen a steady increase with views and visits. My bounce rate has shot up, but that is due to the Campaign. I have broke my 1,000 views since stating and my next goal will be 5,000 total views.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Understanding How to Make Money Online

I have been trying to make money online for around 3 months now. I can now say making money online is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many different ways to make money, and mixed in are so many scams.To truly learn how to make money online has been hard. I understand there are not that many different ways to make money then people really think. You just need to learn the different terminology and understand some SEO concepts.

What I am trying to say is these are the following ways that I have learned How to Make money online. I am not saying there are more ways, but I will not promote anything that has not made me money. I will post an estimated amount, that an average person using the proper skills can expect to make. Well earnings can be drastically different , don't despair.

Content Creation

Creating content for people who need it for there blogs and websites is a decent way to make money. Webmasters and article writers are looking for writer who can crate original and well researched content. They will send you a list of researched keywords that you will have to make a predetermined amount of word article. Proper grammar and nicely formatted work is what the people are looking for. You do not need to be limited to work other people are looking for. Creating your own content will give you an opportunity to make some passive income. With creation of a website that is promoting a certain object or item will give you an opportunity to make money from Amazon, Google Adsense, and Ebay.

To sum up the last paragraph , with your writing skills money is to be made. It will take some time, but if you use proper keyword search and form your article and or website properly, you make have a decent flow of money. I have earned roughly $1,000 from content creation, and it truly helps with bill payments.