Monday, January 24, 2011

Info Barrel update and more blogging news.

Time has been flying over at Info Barrel this week. Currently I have 19 articles written for info barrel .I have notices a nice increase on impressions this past week going from averaging only a mere 10 a day to a respectful 22 a day. Last night I had my first click,made 1 penny,but Google did not show I made it from info barrel.AJ walton is running away with the monthly contest with sookie and dpeach in second and third respectively.

I have made $33.68 from writing articles so far this week. I have currently 15 more articles on my list to do, earnings me 75 more dollars. If you are interested in someone writing articles for you leave a message or email me . I am more then happy to write anything for you.Feel free to view my site  called ARTICLES4SALE

If you are currently looking for sone more writing ideas please check out info barrel very own Dreamaker's site writersbloggingblock . I only vouch for amazing sites and this is amazing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I might be going to college.

There is an opportunity that has risen that will lend me a chance to future my chances for a college education. I got a slip in the mail stating there is a lottery being held for a limited amount of slot to go to college, all expenses paid. If I am chosen for this opportunity I will take every chance at learning better ways to make money online. I would like to take a Web Design course so I wont have to spend money in the future hiring someone to make a site. I will be blogging about this experience and If chosen will write a new Blog for it.

I can not express how excited but level headed I am about this experience I have been offered.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Info Barrel Update 3rd week

I have been pushing out articles pertaining to INfo Barrel and yet to see any earnings, but I am not getting upset. It will take months to see results and I am ready to wait. On other news there are currently 2 more websites that can help people out with there info barrel work
Earnings Report For Info Barrel Users By AJ WALTON

These websites will truly help to keep you going on your way to a positive cash flow.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second week update for info barrel.

Currently as of the 15th of January 2011 i have written 9 articles for Info Barrel. I have been doing more research for the company to make sure I fully understand what I need to do to make money. I think I know what I need to do to make money now. BACK-LINKING. I want to make it easy for all my info barrel friends so I will put a list of back-linking sites to choose from as soon as possible .


 Currently these are all of my articles:

 I would like to see continued raise in views for all my articles. Also I would like to push out 10 articles a week. Time tends to be a big problem with me , but with proper times management, I am sure every thing is possible.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on Info Barrel. 1st week of the year

I am currently working on making an impact on Info Barrel. I am currently researching all of the possible ways to make money consistently while learning how to write proper articles also. The website as I have said before is relatively new and the majority of the posters all ready on are doing good. The average so far for writer that are consistently producing quality articles are around  400 - 700 a month. While there are a few people who have made a name for them selves they are the exception.  Earning can be made if you can produce quality article ranging around 1000 words. Subject may or may not produce more in earnings.

I have produced three articles so far to date. While the articles have not made any money I am also trying to figure what type of submission proses they are imposing. It does not take to long from the moment your press publish to the time they approve the articles. I am trying also to figure out why my articles have page views before and don't seem to get any after.

Continuing to write quality articles while pushing out the amount of articles will be hard. Time is the biggest hassle not the subjects to write about.