Monday, January 24, 2011

Info Barrel update and more blogging news.

Time has been flying over at Info Barrel this week. Currently I have 19 articles written for info barrel .I have notices a nice increase on impressions this past week going from averaging only a mere 10 a day to a respectful 22 a day. Last night I had my first click,made 1 penny,but Google did not show I made it from info barrel.AJ walton is running away with the monthly contest with sookie and dpeach in second and third respectively.

I have made $33.68 from writing articles so far this week. I have currently 15 more articles on my list to do, earnings me 75 more dollars. If you are interested in someone writing articles for you leave a message or email me . I am more then happy to write anything for you.Feel free to view my site  called ARTICLES4SALE

If you are currently looking for sone more writing ideas please check out info barrel very own Dreamaker's site writersbloggingblock . I only vouch for amazing sites and this is amazing.

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