Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Info Barell starting point

I have come across a new article writing website that I am currently trying to understand. The website is call and it is currently two year old. Lot of the content is like ehow but as I have found out it is better content. I am going to try out the site for 6 months a record what I do and the out comes.
Day 1...
I have created a info barrel account yesterday. I looked around the website so I could familiarize my self with the surroundings. Creating an info barrel account is easy as 123.
  1. Sign up for Info Barrel  Here
  2. Fill in you adsence pub number including Pub:
  3. Create articles are are intriguing and using good grammar
Please make sure all all of your work is quality work that people would spend time reading. You articles have to be over 400 words, if bot it wont be published. I have found out that it is worth writing 1000 word article then two 500 word articles.

More info will come in soon. I have 1 article waiting for approval and writing 2 more for today.

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