Thursday, December 16, 2010

What your getting into.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this blog. We all have on time or another thought" can I make money online". Now is your chance. Though the next year we will be doing an in depth look into how to make money blogging.

Finding your topic
First and fore most. When it comes to blogging you are going to have to spend a lot of time online doing research on the topic you want to cover. Alot of people before you have studied on the same topic you have chose. Go to any website and try to understand what you are going to be blogging. A firm grasp on the subject will make your life easier and also your readers also. Lets say your topic will be reviewing the newest movies. Be sure you fully understand what the movie was about, who was in the movie, the pros and cons, the length and if you would tell others to watch it.

We all had to do reports in school right. reports are full of rough drafts and checking to see if the facts giving in the report are true. My tips for the day will be write on paper what you want to see on your blog before you spend the time putting it online. It can be extreamly hard to try to put all of the words crammed into your head fluently on the computer.

Making Money While Blogging

This is probaly the hardest part about blogging. You can not just go into blogging with the thought , "Today I will make $1000 on the firsrt day. Wrong worng wrong. You need a following and a huge one at that. A continued huge following will consist of the following
  1. Social Networking...Twitter.Facebook.Myspace...
  2. You will need to have a google adsence also.
  3. Comtimeued following of other people blogs
  4. Posting follow up comments in the comment section of blogs are big.
  5. Spending a min of a hour finding people to interview and so on.
That is all for today . If you feel any of my information is incorrect or would like to see anything diccussed in tomorrows blog feel free to comment.

We all can be Millionaire with continued help from one to another.

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