Saturday, December 18, 2010

Diffrent ways to Make money Blogging

Understanding blogging will be a slow but tedious task. Getting paid from blogging also will be slow. As we have covered before , blogging is about amassing a huge following of people who like and read your topic of discussion.

There are hundreds of blogs being created every day. Why? Because it is becoming one of the easiest ways to make money. Problem is bloggers don’t make money right away and they give up. Well, you do not have to have a lot of traffic to your blog to make money. It is just a matter of finding the right way to make money from your blog. Marketing your blog to get traffic can easily be done because search engines like Google love blogs.
The reason why search engines like Google love blogs because blogs continually have new content. Pinging your blog whenever you do a new post, commenting on related blogs with a link back to your blog, and social bookmarking your blog posts are all effective ways to market your blog. Once you just do those things you can begin to make money by these 10 easy ways:

Ad Units: 12/19/2012

Monetize your blog with ad units. You can get ad units from Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher, Revenue Pilot, and other contextual ad sites. Contextual ads sites show ads on your blog that are related to your blog niche. Every time one of these ads is clicked you get paid for it. The amount you get paid for every click varies. This used to be one of the more popular ways to get paid online but it’s becoming more difficult as Google (the most used contextual ad site) changes its rules and policies.

Sell Ad Space: 12 / 20/2010

Selling ad space on blogs has been popular for some time. Usually you can find people in your niche who will pay for ad space on your blog. There is many ways to go about this but the easiest way is to just setup an advertise page. On that page you will want to talk about the different sizes of the ads you offer and how many page views and unique visitors you receive every month. The more information you give to possible advertisers, then the better chance you will have making the sale.

Write Paid Reviews:12/21/2010

Paid reviews were really popular a year ago but have died down a bit. However, if you are looking to make some quick cash than they are one of the easier ways to make money on your blog. However, the one problem you may have is that many of these web sites require that your blog be at least three months old or have a certain page rank. Some of these sites are the following: PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise, Smorty and others. You will review a service or a product on your blog and get paid for it. Word of warning though, Google does penalize you if they happen to catch you doing this.

Sell Your Products: 12/22/2010

If you have a product then blog about it. You already have people interested in your niche or topic so why not offer your product to them. They probably won’t hate your product if they already like your blog. You have to make sure to take advantage of any money opportunity you have.

Sell Other Peoples Products:12/23/2010

This goes in the category of becoming an affiliate. Selling affiliate products on your blog is as simple as signing up for a program and advertising it on your blog. You do not have to do anything besides selling it to your readers. Writing a post about something you are trying to sell can always help too.

Sell An E-Book:12/24/2010

This basically goes with selling your own product but it deserves its own category. Like I said in a selling your own product section, people are already interested in your niche or topic so why not sell your product to them. In this case you are selling them an e-book you created. Lots of people make some good money creating and selling their own e-book. Your e-book doesn’t have to be real fancy. As long as you give them information that you tell them is in your e-book you should be ok.

Ask For Donations: 12/25/2010

Asking for donations is one of the simplest ways to get some cash. However, there are a lot of people that just do not like to hand out cash so they probably will have to be a very religious reader if they are going to donate to you. To get religious readers it is going to take you quite a few months. So don’t look to get money right away.

Sell Your Service: 12/26/2010

If you have some service such as graphic design, web site design, story writing, financial consultation, or some other service then offer it from your blog. It would just be another way to make money for your service.

Sell Your Cafe Press Items: 12/27/2010

This is a web site where you can create your own T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, posters and other stuff that you can sell. You get a percentage of the sale so why not create some products and sell them on your blog. Create products that are related to your niche or topic and you should be able to sell some of your items.

Point Blog to Your Paying Article: 12/28/2010

If you are one of the people that write articles for a site that pays you a performance fee like Associated Content, then you should introduce your blog audience to those articles and make money. Even though this is not a popular way to make money anymore, you can still make money writing articles for these kinds of web sites.

With these points of views you have noticed a date on when I will be covering that topic in full. Please take all of the suggestions to heart , although already knows by many if put to use with a proper schedule you also could be making millions.

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