Friday, May 6, 2011

5months of Online money making.

It has been an interesting five months since I started working online. In those few months I have learned so much from SEO, different types of Web Hosting options like HostPapa and diffrent sites to buy websites New Customer 25% off Sale from! When I just started I was using blogger to promote topics that just did not garner any useful click and unique visitors. Now that I have been studying more and understand a little about internet marketing; I feel a little less stressed.

When I first started back in December 2010, I was hoping I would make a quick buck and be able to make money with little to no work. I was foolish, now I understand there are few overnight success stories but people who dedicate their live at learning how to promote items. Some of the options many people are takaing seriously is affiliate marketing like witch gives you many opportunity to find company's who are needing people who can promote their items.

The HTML banner above will be my next project starting soon. I have found one needs to make sure you write articles a couple months in advance to ensure you article has time to be found by the search engine.

Many people wonder how you can start making money in a couple month with legit online work. Blogging and article writing are a couple options if a user do not have a lot of money to spend if any  Squidoo Earn cash

I hope with all the knowledge I have learned will help make enough money so I can take more time off to support my family.

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